Exhibitor application and information for Senftenberg


    Stand fee und exhibitor pass


    The Stand fee is 20,00 € per stand and table. Every exhibitor and accompanying person needs an exhibitor pass. The costs for one exhibitor pass are 10,00 €. The stand fee and the costs for all ordered exhibitor passes are payable at check-in, as long as they have not been payed in advance. The exhibitor passes have to be returned at the end of the event at the cash desk.


    Closing date for application

    stopwatchClosing date ist ist 2 weeks before the event.

    By sending the application form by post it will be the date of the postmark.


    Specialities in traffic

    parking signPlease take care of the one-way system around the event area. On the day before and on the day of the event entering and parking the event area as signposted . A short stop for loading is allowed. The compliance of parking can be observed by the police of Gföhl. Parking areas near the event location will be provided (parking area „Stegerwiese“, „Dr. Nuhr" – main road on the right).


    Exhibitor rules

    Compliance with laws

    paragraph symbolCompliance with laws - The exhibitors are obliged to comply with all relevant legislation, in particular the Austrian 1996 Weapons Act (federal Law Gazette / BGBl. I No. 12/1997) as amended, as well as the "Abzeichengesetz" (Controlling the use and sale of prohibited badges, Orders and Uniform parts, Federal Law Gazette / BGBl. No. 84/1960) In particular, it is forbidden to offer for sale or to display items with Nazi symbols (Swastikas, SS-Runic Symbols, etc.). Also the masking, obscuring or the facing away of items bearing any such symbols is forbidden. If an exhibitor obviously violates one of these legal requirements, the organizers are authorized to remove the exhibitor from the event and to block them from acting as an exhibitor.



    time left

    Building and setting-up the stand is possible on the day before the event from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. On the day of the event, exhibitors are allowed access to the event rooms from 6:00 am. They are required to occupy their stand from 8:00 am to 1:00 am. The dismantling of the stand is only permitted after 1:00 am noon and leaving their stand is only allowed after dismantling it and checking out from the event.


    Smoking ban

    no smoking signIn the event rooms there is a total fire and smoking ban - also for e-cigarettes etc. Persons who continue to smoke after a one-time warning can be removed by the organizers of the event.

    Exhibitor application Senftenberg

    Here you can download the application from.

    *** EVENT 18.04.2020 CANCELED ***

    Please return the filled out, signed and scanned application to the following E-Mail address aussteller@sammlertreffen.at.
    If you cannot return the application by E-Mail please send the filled out and signed application to the following post address:
    Gemeindeamt Senftenberg, „Wachauer Sammlertreffen“, Neuer Markt 1, A-3541 Senftenberg.

    house Hall plan

    Stand plan for exhibitors (not available yet)

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